Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Suse 11.3 M7 on Lenovo T410s

Today, I got my new shiny Lenovo T410s. First thing I did, throw that Windows 7 off the disk and install Linux! :)

So I downloaded the current milestone 7 of opensuse 11.3. Install from DVD went smoothly, as was expected: I chose to use the entire Harddisk (which is not a disk but rather an SSD ;) ). No exotic software configuration was chosen, either, just plain KDE4 desktop.

The only thing that crashed was firefox, but this is a known bug, with known remedy: update to the lates factory repository.

Another known bug with known workaround prevented me to have wifi out of the box. So installed the "Laptop" pattern, and the kernel-firmware package, and voila, wifi works. Like a charm.

The integrated camera worked straight out of the box.

The fingerprint reader seems not to work, as the proper driver is not included in openSUSE 11.3. More precisely, it is only in the current development version of libfprint that the driver is contained. But chances are that this version will become available for SUSE some time soon.

Check also the thinkwiki-page for the T410s, and the installation instructions for SUSE.

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